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Michelle Smith, MA, LPC-A

Guidance in Sensitive Personal Decisions

Navigating life's sensitive choices can be a labyrinth of emotions and uncertainties. Whether you're dealing with family planning, adoption, abortion, or other deeply personal decisions, I provide a guiding light for you to find clarity and peace of mind.

My approach to decision-making focuses on guiding you through the complex and often emotional process of making significant life decisions. But it’s not just about helping you make a choice. My approach is about empowering you with a decision making process that is aligned with your values, goals, and personal well-being.

Self-Discovery and Clarity

This journey begins with you understanding yourself at a deeper more enlightened level. It involves exploring your values, beliefs, desires, and fears. And to do that, I will guide you to a new sense of clarity of what truly matters to you, creating the foundation for your ability to make decisions that are right for you. 

Exploring Options and Outcomes

You will be guided into exploring your options and potential outcomes—a process crucial to helping you see your full range of possibilities and understand the short and long-term implications of each of your choices.

Emotional Processing

Making significant decisions can evoke strong emotions. That’s why my approach provides a safe space for you to process your thoughts and feelings—be it fear, anxiety, excitement, or uncertainty. Whether its one or all of these, we will work together to ensure the decisions you must make are not clouded by unaddressed emotional issues.

Overcoming Barriers

Identifying and overcoming barriers to decision-making, such as past experiences, external pressures, or cognitive biases, is a critical factor. I will help you recognize and address these and other types of obstacles.

Developing Decision-Making Skills

I will equip you with practical decision-making skills and strategies, such as weighing pros and cons, prioritizing, and setting goals.  Developing this skillset is important because it will enhance the confidence you have in your ability to make decisions on your own.

Ensuring Alignment with Personal Values

A key factor to your decision-making is ensuring that your decisions align with your  personal values and beliefs. This is essential to making decisions that are more fulfilling and free of regret.

Cultivating Resilience and Adaptability

My approach also involves preparing you to be resilient and adaptable. That’s because not all decisions lead to their expected outcome. And because that is an unfortunate reality, the ability to adapt and learn from experiences is an important component of making decisions.

Creating an Action Plan

Importantly, once you have made a decision, we will work through the process of creating an action plan to implement your choice. We'll also discuss your options in managing any risks or challenges that may arise.

Closing Thoughts

This journey into decision-making is transformative. And although we address your immediate decision-making problem, it’s not just about one particular choice you must make. It’s about building a deeper understanding of yourself and developing critical life-skills. It's about cultivating a mindset that enables you to navigate decision-making long into the future with confidence and clarity. But more, it’s a true holistic approach that enhances your personal growth that will lead you to making planned and fulfilling life choices long into the future.

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