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Michelle Smith, MA, LPC-A

Emotional Healing and Personal Development

Feeling lost in depression or weighed down by the aftermath of trauma?

Do you question who you are, or does your self-worth cloud your everyday life?

If you experience any or all of these debilitating struggles, I want you to know that I offer more than just coping strategies; I provide a path to renewal, a journey to transformation.

My specialized therapy to overcome depression and trauma, and the difficulties with identity and self-worth, is tailored to not just alleviate your immediate struggles, but to empower you with lasting change. 

Together, we will go beyond the surface issues to address the root causes of your challenges as I  guide you towards a life of renewed purpose, confidence, and joy.

Overcoming Depression and Trauma

My blended approach is designed to significantly reduce your symptoms of depression and trauma. It will enhance your ability to manage challenging emotions, and improve your emotional health and well-being. You will learn simple yet effective tools and techniques to help you foster resilience, improve  relationships, and reclaim a sense of joy and purpose in your life.

My approach to depression and trauma involves cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT), which will help you identify and put an end to damaging thought patterns. We'll explore other techniques I have found very effective to confront and reprocess your traumatic memories. 

Additionally, I incorporate mindfulness practices to improve your emotional regulation. This will increase your present moment awareness to improve your ability to truly live in the present.  You will better appreciate what’s happening in the here and now, without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.   

Identity and Self-Worth

If you are struggling with identity and self-worth, my approach strengthens your sense of self, increases self-esteem, and moves you toward a clearer identity. Your newfound self-awareness will lead you to building more fulfilling relationships, increased personal satisfaction with life and living, and a greater ability to navigate life's challenges with confidence.

Through this journey, you will gain the benefits of reshaping and reframing your life story, focusing on your strengths and capabilities. 

Cognitive restructuring will be a key tool to challenge and alter any negative beliefs that you have about yourself. And I include exercises that foster self-compassion to encourage a more loving and forgiving attitude towards yourself.

Discover Your True Self

In our sessions, we embark on a journey together, exploring the depths of your identity and self-worth. Through compassionate listening and personalized guidance, we will explore the layers of your being. We’ll uncover your unique strengths, values, and aspirations to gain a deeper understanding of who you are at your core. You will embrace your authentic self with acceptance and love.

Cultivate Confidence and Self-Esteem

Imagine waking up every morning feeling confident, worthy, and ready to take on the day. Through our work together, you will learn to challenge the self-doubt and negative self-talk that you experience each day. We’ll replace that mindset with empowering beliefs and a positive self-image. You will learn to recognize your inherent value and celebrate your accomplishments. In time, you will have a resilient foundation of self-esteem that uplifts you in every aspect of your life.

Find Your Purpose and Meaning

Life becomes richer and more fulfilling when we connect with our sense of purpose and the meaning we apply to our existence. In our sessions, we'll explore your passions, your interests, and values, helping you clarify your goals and align your actions with what truly matters to you. You'll discover a deeper sense of fulfillment as you live authentically, guided by your inner compass and empowered to create a life that reflects your true spirit and self.

Embrace Your Identity with Confidence

Your identity is an assortment of experiences, cultures, and influences that make you wonderfully unique. Through our journey together, you'll embrace every aspect of your identity with pride and confidence. Whether it's your cultural heritage, gender identity, personal or spiritual beliefs, you'll learn to celebrate and honor your individuality. You will foster a sense of belonging and acceptance within yourself and the world around you.

Navigate Life's Challenges with Resilience

Life is full of ups and downs. But with resilience, you can weather any storm that comes your way. Together, we'll equip you with practical coping skills and strategies to navigate life's challenges with composure and strength. You will learn to bounce back from setbacks, cultivate inner peace, even in chaos, and emerge from adversity with a renewed sense of self-worth and resilience.

Start Your Journey Today

If you're ready to take this transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and growth,  take the first step. Let's work together to rediscover, or discover for the first time, the potential within you—so you can live a life of authenticity, purpose, and joy. You deserve to fully embrace your identity and worthiness.  So, let's make it happen—together.  Schedule your session today and let your journey begin.

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