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Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith, MA, LPC-A

Welcome to my practice! I've created a space for you where understanding, healing, and growth are at the heart of what I do. And thank you for taking a few moments to learn more about me and how I can help you.

My journey into counseling began early, driven by deep empathy and desire to assist those facing difficulties. Now, with 16 years of experience in crisis intervention, I offer a wealth of knowledge and compassion in my practice as a professional counselor.

Counseling, though, is much more than just a profession to me; it's a calling to serve in a unique and impactful way. My diverse experience spans all ages and a wide range of challenges—from young children grappling with trauma to adults navigating complex mood and personality disorders, and from teenagers adjusting to post-COVID life to the elderly facing end-of-life issues.

A recurring theme in my practice is self-worth, often manifesting as anxiety or depression among those struggling with their identity and value. I am particularly passionate about guiding teen girls and women, including young adults, in discovering and embracing their own sense of self-worth. This journey also encompasses supporting women through sensitive experiences like recovering from the shame of an abortion or navigating a crisis in pregnancy.

Creating a safe space then is essential. And I believe a therapy session is a level playing field where every client receives genuine concern and compassion. Only in this way, can the relationship between client and counselor develop as a safe and trusting environment where real progress begins.

So, our work together is a partnership. As a therapist, I am in the passenger seat, cheering you on, holding your hope, helping by navigating and guiding your journey. You, are always in the driver’s seat. Ideally, you are motivated—so you can experience relief and healing as quickly as possible.

My approach includes practical tools and resources. For instance, I often recommend "It's Not Always Depression" by Hilary Jacobs Hendel, a book that helps with understanding core emotions and their impact.

I also tell my clients that we are all storied individuals. Every chapter of our lives matters. Our past shapes our present and influences our future. And the chapter that is now, your therapy, it isn't a sign of weakness; it's a testament to your strength and commitment to your personal growth.

Remember Victor Frankl's profound words: “Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.” In this spirit, we will explore your life's meaning and purpose, ensuring therapy is a constructive and empowering experience.

I want to close then by telling you that therapy isn't magic. It's a journey where you are in control, exploring your emotions and challenges in a safe, supportive environment. And as your therapist, I believe in your ability to heal and grow, as I support you and move you towards holding your own hope again.

So, again, welcome to a place where your story is heard, where your struggles are acknowledged, and your journey towards healing and growth are embraced.

And remember, at any time, while exploring my special areas of focus, when you’re ready, please go to the ‘First Appointment’ page so we can set up a time to meet.

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