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Laura Franklin-de Gaspé Beaubien

Laura Franklin-de Gaspé Beaubien, MA, LPC, CAC

Laura began counseling in 2004, initially specializing in work with children suffering trauma and mental health issues. Within 2 years she began working with a wider age range of clients to include teens, adults and “mature adults.” She quickly developed a passion for working with trauma victims, mental health issues, and borderline personality disorder. Laura also enjoys family and marital counseling and has experience in substance abuse counseling as well. She enjoys using art in therapy in sessions for clients who are interested and will incorporate other client interests as well, such as music, play, writing, animals, spiritual and cultural beliefs, stories/literature etc.

Laura was born in Greenville, SC and has lived in Europe and traveled extensively for ten years before returning home in 2000. A love of different cultures, a strong faith, and a plethora of life experiences have contributed to her counseling profession and her passion to help others toward positive change, healing and personal growth.

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