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Erica Adams

Erica Adams, MA, LPC, NCC

So, to learn more about me and my practice, we’re not going to talk about the bad stuff . . . your anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, all the things that brought you here. We’ll have plenty of time for that later. Instead, we’re going to talk about where you want therapy to take you.  After all, that’s what why you’re here . . . personal growth and transformation.

But first, let's quickly go over a few guidlines. Eventually, we’ll get to all of them, but for now, we just need to cover the biggest most important one: 

That is, my office is a refuge; it’s your sanctuary. It’s a place where you can let everything go regardless of the words or expressions you use.  It doesn't matter if you swear or use profanities, whatever it is, just-let-it-go. It doesn’t matter how you say it, just be sure to say it.

And yes, we do uphold decorum and appropriateness. We absolutely try. But, at times, keeping it real is the most appropriate decorum of all. So, we're going to get comfortable.  If life dumped a steaming pile of diapers on you, I don’t expect you to talk about it in any other way than how it makes you feel. That’s the only way it’s going to work.

So, having that out of the way, then, I want you to know what therapy is like with me in another way. To get there, we’ll skip ahead, all the way to your last day in session because, again, that’s the reason you’re here.  That is, to not be here.  And as strange as that may sound, that's the way it is. We go to therapy so we don't have to go to therapy . . . Right? 

So, imagine, the day has come that you’ve arrived at the end of your healing and strength building journey. Sadly, last days are bitter-sweet; but still, it's a great day! It's filled with joy and pride for all that you’ve achieved. Your world is brighter; the air is fresher. You feel more alive. Your thoughts are clear and you feel your transformation and empowerment are real. You know it's real. You know how far you’ve come, and you know where you’re going.

Now, take a deep breath.  Place yourself in this transformative moment and think about what that day will feel like:  You’re in my office.  It's late on a Friday afternoon. We’ve just finished talking about your week and as we’re talking about the problems you’ve overcome and what you’ve achieved, you’re thinking how great it is to have your future out in front of you. It's clear; it's easy to see; everything is within reach.

All that’s left for us to do is reflect on how much you’ve healed, how much you’ve restored yourself, and how strong you’ve become. With that said, these are the things we will talk about:

Emotional Resilience

“Always remember how impowered you feel today!  You've transformed your challenges into some of your greatest strengths. You’re now capable of facing whatever comes your way."

Clear and Strong Self-identity

"You know who you are like at no other time in your life. Celebrate that. Celebrate yourself every day! Hold onto the understanding you have of yourself and the values that you’ve built. They’re the greatest source of your dignity and self-respect."


"The confidence that you feel today . . . ?  That’s your belief in yourself.  It's remarkable!  And it comes from your ability to get things done. You're standing strong against all things that come your way—even things that once made you doubt yourself and feel nervous."

Purpose and Passion

"Embrace your enthusiasm!  You’re filled with purpose and passion again. So, live your life to its fullest. That’s what all this has been about.”

Improved Relationships

"Embrace your relationships . . . new and old. The balance and the confidence you have in your relationships comes from the boundaries you’ve established. You've created spaces where your sense of self leans forward so much easier now. Let yourself thrive in that."

Internal Validation

"Your feelings and experiences are valid! Never stop trusting in yourself. All the validation you need comes from within. You know that."

Optimism About Future Relationships

"Your past relationships . . . they’re filled with hurt. You've embraced that. And they’ve provided you with valuable lessons.  And reflecting back, you now know those relationships as a source of wisdom and knowledge . . . They're no longer identity crushing trauma and pain.”

New Connections to Family, Friends, and Community

"You now feel the value of belonging.  With family and friends you choose, you’re comfortable sharing your life and your journey because you know you’re understood and free from judgment.”

Dynamic Coping Mechanisms

"You are prepared.  You have the tools and strategies to navigate life's challenges. You believe in yourself. You know you can do this!"

*     *     *     *     * 

If this sounds like the journey you want to take, reach out to me and let me know. Send me an email, or click on “My First Appointment” and fill out the form. I will get back to you as soon as I can—mostly, it's  within the same day.  

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