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Adlerian Therapy

Adlerian psychotherapy takes a positive view of human nature: We are all goal-oriented creatures who are striving for social connectedness, and we are in control of our destiny. Many personal difficulties, an Adlerian therapist believe, stem from feelings of inferiority—possibly, an "inferiority complex.

An Adlerian therapist will identify, explore, and challenge a client's current beliefs about their life goals. He or she will gather family history and will use information about a client's behavior patterns to help the client set new, socially satisfying, and attainable goals. These could relate to any realm of life and could include developing parenting or marital skills, or ending substance abuse.

Once these healthier objectives are set, the therapist may also assign homework, set up contracts with the client, and make suggestions on how the client can reach his or her new goals.

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