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Our Story is Your Story

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When Stephen "Eddie" Talley set out to become a counselor his vision was to create a small town practice. It was a vision of a return to a simpler more authentic time in healthcare. But it wasn't just a journey into nostalgia that drove Eddie's vision. It ran much deeper as it came from a different place than merely reminiscing of simpler times.


Eddie's vision was and still is about evolving the delivery of healthcare—returning it to the more personable client centered reality it once was.  The story of Upstate Carolina Counseling Associates then is the story of its founder's mission and the people that have gathered around him to share in his vision of making UCCA an exceptional counseling experience for all that want and need its services. 

Upstate Carolina Counseling Associates

It isn't about what we do, it's about why we do it. 

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"A practitioner's journey is a life of purpose and passion fulfilled by serving the people of their community one person at a time." 

-Eddie Talley

Our Mission(s):   
A message from the UCCA founder  

"Like most businesses, we have many missions at UCCA. Although, one of which is quite unique as we view ourselves as a small-town service provider thriving in a modern technology driven world—a world that we recognize can often seem far too big, far too fast paced, and far too impersonal. 


So, second only to our mission of providing high quality counseling services, we view ourselves as playing a vital role in changing what is widely perceived as a far too impersonal healthcare system. And although we cannot change it on our own, we are dedicated to its evolution as a broad collective mission—a mission we accomplish everyday at UCCA by serving our community with devotion to our purpose and our values one client at a time." 


-Eddie Talley

Our Practice Our Commitment

As the founder of UCCA, Eddie considers himself fortunate to be in the company of so many diverse yet likeminded practitioners. All of whom are united in his small-town philosophy and vision.


And importantly, every UCCA counselor brings with them the power of their own individual talents and commitment to the freshest oldest idea around: Provide personalized care authentically and holistically with the compassion of a friend, a neighbor, and as a dedicated  member of the community they serve.

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The Irony of Modernity and Innovation: Some Things Will Never  Change

Eddie’s vision is of a time when the relationship between practitioner and client was viewed as an integral part of the community. Truly,  a “throwback” way of thinking, many are surprised to know that Eddie’s perspective is actually rooted in one of the most modern most advanced mindsets of business management and systems thinking. 


Renowned academics and authors like Peter Senge (creator of the learning organization) and Hubert Joly, the former CEO of Best Buy (famous for resurrecting the iconic brand), wholeheartedly agree with Eddie’s perspective and approach.  In fact, Senge and Joly would even say Eddie’s vision for UCCA is far ahead of its time as so many service providers are slow to adapt to the new marketplace—a marketplace that requires businesses to be what Joly described as a “purposeful human organization” (p. 76).


In his book The Heart of Business (2021), Joly wrote of modern businesses needing to develop a “noble purpose.”  Of which is incredibly important, because such purpose inspires and guides people to perform with greater devotion and buy-in to an organization's mission and vision. 


In very remarkable ways then, it's important for you to know that  the noble purpose that Joly wrote about resides at the center of UCCA’s commitment to you and all its clients.  And as Joly wrote:  “to building and maintaining a healthy community” (p.72).


But it’s even more than that because UCCA’s vision includes another significant component of the modern approach to healthcare and business: building a  purposeful human organization. Of which, “unleashes human magic and makes a positive difference in the world" (p. 76).  It's that element of "magic" that we want you to experience when you are here and take with you when you leave as a member of our UCCA community.

Morning Mist over Forest

We don't ask that you merely believe in what we do . . . We ask that you experience what we do.


And then, we won't need to ask you to believe, because the greatest outcome a counselor can provide isn't your belief in the counselor but the growing belief you have in yourself. 

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What does this all mean for you as our client?

Our offices are a place where you can cultivate the positive energy you need to emerge from your counseling experience renewed, enlightened, and enriched. That's because everything we do is aimed at creating a productive environment that supports and fosters your care, your development and  growth.


Each time you leave UCCA, regardless of where you started from, regardless of the setbacks you may experience along the way, our goal is for you to know that you are in our professional embrace of understanding and care. But more, each time you meet with us, no matter your circumstance, you can be confident that you are always moving closer to your goals and aspirations. That's because your success and well-being are central to our purpose and our  passion. 

Every Story has a Lesson

Authenticity means everything to us. So if there is only one thing you take away from our story, we sincerely hope it is confidence in our dedication to serve you and serve you well.   

Additionally, it’s important to remember that residing in the collective spirit of UCCA is our old-school devotion to the client-practitioner relationship. Your relationship with us is a return to the personal nature of healthcare delivered with an affinity for building authentic client relationships that are as small-town as small-town can get in a big technology driven world.  


And with that said, we encourage you to reach out to us because we are certain that one of our UCCA counselors can be your path to an enriching experience.


From Eddie Talley and all the counselors and social workers at UCCA, thank you for taking the time to learn about us.  Truly, we hope to see you soon.  

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Be who you were meant to be!

Live, love, be excited. Your journey begins here . . .

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